Cash Balance Plans

A Cash Balance plan can provide business owners a way to accumulate retirement plan assets significantly beyond a traditional 401(k) plan. By offering this solution, you can help your client reduce their tax impact as well as gain confidence in their retirement readiness.

Key benefits to business owners include:

  • Creditor-free accumulation
  • Tax deductible exit strategy
  • Flexible plan design
  • More predictable costs than traditional DB plans
  • Recruiting tool for key employees

Benefits to Employees

A Cash Balance plan is a great retention tool for important employees that allows them to maximize their retirement savings.

Key benefits to employees include:

  • Higher contribution limits than a traditional 401(k) plan
  • Employer funded
  • Portable for job change or termination
  • Easily understood hypothetical calculated balances
  • Potential for tax-deferred growth

Best Fit for a Cash Balance Plan

Not all businesses will see the same benefit from a Cash Balance plan. Generally, a Cash Balance plan will be the most beneficial to businesses owners who:

  • Are at least 45 years old with income above $250,000
  • Pay over $100,000 in taxes
  • Can commit to annual plan funding
  • Already maximize 401(k) contributions
  • Are looking to make higher contributions in a short timeframe
  • Have a consistently profitable business with substantial annual revenues

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