Unified Managed Accounts

Increasingly, investment managers offer clients a large menu of external asset managers who have passed the Firm’s due diligence process. This business model is known as “open architecture.” The asset managers are usually selected based on their style and expertise, and then assigned to manage a portion of the portfolio as directed by the underlying asset allocation model. Even when incorporating a UMHA, preferred platforms should still support trust functions such as principal and income management, disbursements and trading restrictions.

UMHA are normally able to provide optimization across a variety of investment products and account types, including personal trust, brokerage and retirement accounts. Duplicate holdings and trading inefficiencies are eliminated, while tax optimization is supported. Utilizing aggregation tools, the client’s entire wealth can be managed holistically.

Risk Budgeting

FamilyWealth AdvisersTM risk budgeting attempts to address the shortcomings of traditional asset allocation portfolios. Instead of picking a static stock-bond allocation, investors decide how much volatility they are willing to take. Then, they allocate their portfolios to stocks, bonds and other asset classes with the idea of spreading out the sources of volatility.

Allocation Strategies

Austin Capital allocation strategies are top-down investment strategies which are globally diversified, strategically allocated, and tactically managed throughout the investment cycle. The following are key points of our approach:

Global View: Austin Capital managers are not restricted to investing in the U.S. markets, in specified market
caps, or in traditional asset classes. This provides the option to invest in any market anywhere in the world and our strategy of global diversification is unlike that of virtually any of the investment models with which we compete.

Focus on Risk Management: To achieve both diversification and the correlations essential to minimizing the effects of downside market moves, Austin Capital managers allocate to markets that the average investor would not typically consider in their allocation.

Blending Traditional and Non-traditional Investments: Blending traditional asset classes (such as bonds and equities) with nontraditional asset classes (which generally have a low correlation to traditional assets) allows Austin Capital to minimize systematic (global economic) risk.

Why Choose Us?

FamilyWealthAdvisors platform provides investors and advisors with unsurpassed tools and resources to help manage portfolios and streamline the investment process.

FamilyWealthAdvisors dedicated service team, along with our state-of-the-art platform provides an all-in-one solution to help clients and advisors automate the wealth management process and provide a holistic approach to account management.

FamilyWealthAdvisors technology platform and service team provide the support and resources needed to help advisors and clients effectively manage assets.

The team of professionals at FamilyWealthAdvisors is dedicated to helping our clients find investing success. Our simple goal of preserving principal while consistently growing capital guides us in our research and investment philosophy.

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