Corporate Services

FamilyWealthTM Advisers provides services to retirement plan sponsors nationwide by making consistent investments in people, technology and processes. We continue to evolve and innovate in order to stay at the leading edge of the retirement plan industry. Our broad-based practice provides the flexibility and expertise needed to provide true solutions for your corporate retirement plan needs.

Fiduciary Consulting

FamilyWealthTM Advisers provides qualified retirement Plan Sponsors with 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary services to help reduce fiduciary liability when it comes to the investments available for the Plan participants.

Cash Balance Plans

A Cash Balance Plan is a type of IRS Qualified Defined Benefit (DB) Plan that can be a powerful tool to help reward key employees and business owners.

Defined Contribution Plans

Our service includes one-on-one consulting on plan design and documents, a dedicated account team for daily operations, and the reporting needed to help make critical decisions about your retirement plan.

Non-Qualified Plans

A Non-Qualified plan allows an employer the flexibility needed to provide a benefit showing a commitment to the key employees of an organization and also provides an incentive that reduces turnover at critical management levels. 

Multiple Employer Plans

A Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) is a unique retirement plan structure that enables smaller companies to aggregate assets to negotiate large plan benefits and services on a small plan budget.

Health Savings Accounts

A health savings account (HSA) combines high deductible health insurance with a tax-favored savings account allowing employees to save for future medical expenses.

Why Choose Us?

The FamilyWealthTMAdvisers platform provides advisers with unsurpassed tools and resources to help manage portfolios and streamline the investment process.

The FamilyWealthTM Advisers dedicated service team, along with our state-of-the-art platform provides an all-in-one solution to help  automate the wealth management process and provide a holistic approach to account management.

FamilyWealthTM Advisers technology platform and service team provide the support and resources needed to help clients effectively manage assets.

The team of professionals at FamilyWealthTMAdvisers is dedicated to helping our clients find investing success. Our simple goal of preserving principal while consistently growing capital guides us in our research and investment philosophy.

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